About Us

Hello and welcome to the SASART Fine Art & GiftsGivingBack.com online store. 12 months = 12 charities. Giving Back isn't something we do once a year - it's something we do "all year"!  

SASART was created out of my love of art and jewellery (or jewelry - depending on where you are from) as well as my growing desire to be able to give back to various local and national charities.

As like most women, my love of beautiful shiny things started young and has only grown over time. (Yes, pretty easy to relate to!) My drive to be able to give to charities on the other hand really started a little later in life. It was particularly fueled in early 2013 when a dear friend of mine told me her daughter had breast cancer. Only a few short months afterwards she informed me that her young granddaughter had another type of cancer. What does one say? What does and can one do? Be there for your friend in whatever manner they need for sure - but surely there could be more. And so there is.

It is my goal to donate monthly a portion from all sales made through this site to various local and national charities. That through this website and organized events, we are able to contribute to and support the much needed causes that affect our friends, family, neighbours and communities alike. 

You're business is truly appreciated. With every purchase made on the GiftsGivingBack.com / SASART.ca site, you are supporting communities and charities and helping a friend or family at a time when they need it most. 

Together we can all make a difference.......and look fabulous at the same time!

Ongoing support will be given to Voicefound - http://voicefound.ca - check out the "Voice Found" bracelets at: http://sasartgems.com/collections/custom-bracelets


PS: Not to leave anyone hanging, the update is, both daughter and granddaughter are doing very well. Very well indeed! So while the efforts of SASART may not help the people mentioned here directly, they certainly will be helping other friends and families. Perhaps someone you know!

Feel free to contact at: susan@sasartgems.com if you wish to book an event, share a story or have a question, I look forward to hearing from you!

As time goes on, I will be posting updates as to the progress and contributions being made here.

If you would like to suggest a charity to be the beneficiary of our generosity, or schedule a private event (online or live) you may reach me at: susan@sasart.ca or 613-314-3919.

It would be my pleasure to support you and your chosen charity in any way possible!

Take care and be well.