The Brewing Storm 1

The Brewing Storm 1

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Acrylic on gallery canvas (1.5")

12" x 16"  

What makes this painting unusual is that to the top right - there is an image that looks like a male face "blowing" the wind in this storming piece.

My art is always created with only colour in mind and as abstract, be it a seascape, landscape or lunar-scape, however, most pieces (about 90%) contain images of either people or animals and usually multiples within the same painting (sometimes when the images are repeated (not exactly of course) they are even super-imposed upon themselves. This aspect of my work is never intentional or conscious - merely a happy coincidence and outcome when being created. Consciously I could never conceive of doing this - as I can barely draw, however it turns out my subconscious enjoys this very much and is surprisingly good at it. 

Isn't it fascinating what our minds can do and doesn't it make you wonder just how much potential we all really have within us. 

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